The versatile payment platform that saves businesses time and money

With the iPayz Account, you'll have access to a low-cost and instant means of paying customers, individuals and staff, in their own currency, whilst increasing performance by gaining total control over your company’s expenses.

Make secure payments quickly and easily

The iPayz Account enables businesses to instantly pay salaries, commissions and one-off payments to companies and individuals around the world.

It’s the quickest and easiest way of sending money globally, with the flexibility of being able to pay in up to 45 currencies, all from the one account.

iPayz Business Account - quick and easy way of sending money globally
Instantly make payments

Instantly make online payments

Instantly pay salaries, commissions and one off payments, even to those without a bank account.
Full access to funds

Full access to funds

Recipients have instant access to their funds, which can be spent through the iPayz Account.


Make payments in over 45 currencies all from the one account.
Quick and free payment solution

Quick and free

Quick, free and easy to get started.

Total control over your company expenses

The iPayz Account enables businesses to allocate online payment accounts to employees for expense purposes.

It’s a cost and time effective way for companies to manage and control expenses whilst, at the same time, benefiting the employee from having instant access to funds necessary for business expenses.

iPayz Business Account
Allocation and tracking of staff expenses

Manage expenses in real time

Allocate and track staff expenses in real-time. Monitor account balances and spend online – no paper work involved.
Total management of employee spend

Total management

Total management of employee spend and employees can check transactions in real-time, 24/7.
Quick self-allocation of ecoCards

Quick and easy

Quick, self-allocation of online accounts for staff.
Instant access to funds

Instant access to funds

Received funds can be spent instantly.